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TBC & Corona Virus Updates:
The leadership of Trinity Baptist (pastor, elders, and deacons) has met recently about this situation. 
A letter is being sent to the congregation on March 18th, 2020 explaining our plan of action for ministry.
If you would like a copy of this letter digitally, you can find it here.

Website Is Under Construction

The Trinity Baptist Tech Team is aware of the missing pictures throughout our website, we are working as we can to update the site in its’ entirety. Most everything you typically use the website for is still functional with the exception of pictures.
We expect that we will have a new and updated product within the next few weeks. 


Giving Via PayPal

Please remember, the church is where people are going to go when they need help paying bills in the weeks to come; also there are expenses that don't stop regardless what is going on in the world. Remember that God has called us to be faithful with our entire lives, including our giving. If you can afford to keep up your normal tithe, you should.
We have finalized the details on how to receive tithes through PayPal! You will need to have a PayPal account to send money. Signing up for an account is free and links directly to your bank account so that money is transferred over pretty much immediately.


PayPal is a company that has to earn money somehow so just like with any merchant that uses this service or credit card services, Trinity Baptist does have to pay a small fee per transaction. It costs you nothing and your giving receipts for the year will reflect the total amount you have. We just want you to be aware that TBC will be responsible for small transaction fees, but we are okay with that. Our fees are discounted because we are a church.


If you would like to tithe using PayPal, you can use the link below. Once you give to TBC, we will show up as a contact in your PayPal account. PayPal also has an app for you phone that you can use. Tip: use the link below to set up your first tithe. There are a lot of Trinity Baptist Churches so we want to be sure you are using the right one. Our icon is a picture of the church building. If you have questions, you can send a Facebook Message to us or contact Amy Washburn.


give online button

The Following Services are currently suspended due to extenuating circumstances.


Sunday School typically starts at 9:15 AM
Our Sunday Worship Service is typically at 10:30 AM It combines traditional elements of worship with contemporary. In addition to organ and hymns, there is a band and praise choruses that are part of the singing time. The adult choir shares special music with soloists and small ensembles from the congregation.

In each service, the message, music, Scripture, and drama are coordinated to support one another in an attempt to draw all believers into the presence of God.